Dj Mali

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“All these years have gone by really quickly” Says DJ MALI KOCAY and adds “but that happens when you’re enjoying something so much”. Just like everything , the beginning of Dj Mali Kocays career started also small. To make a long journey shorter and get to the main point, let’s start the story from when he became the master of the turntables. Everyone knows that these kind of things begin with having a passion for music, love to be on stage and born to mix… Every Dj has a different story on how it all started but MALI has always been different in his kind. A born talent was he for sure but this wasn’t enough for him. Besides spinning the wheels he also felt that a music education or playing an instrument is a must for being successful in this job than just pressing on a play button. He believed in the motto “practice makes perfect” and then things went very fast for MALI…
Mali worked his way up and became one of the most famous and known Turkish Dj’s & Producer in Europe. With his ass kicking tracks & smooth fast mixing style, soon enough he reached the top of the list of the most wanted DJ’s of the greatest clubs. MALI got a very big archive of almost all kind of styles of music. But usually he spins latinhouse, eclectic, urban & off course Turkish pop tracks in the club.
It’s too much to write down in how many clubs he performed both nationally and internationally but to give you an idea here are some of the great clubs we’re talking about.. Escape, IT, Powerzone, Marcanti, The Sand, Jimmy Woo, Panama, Paradiso, lexion, Heiniken Music Hall, Arena, Now & Wow,
Nighttown, Off Courso, Halikarnas, Ally, Audotorium and many more…
MALI made sounds & performed with a lot of famous and non famous artists. Some of them are Gulsen, Demet Akalin, Tan Tasci, Izel, Mustafa Sandal, Ozcan Deniz, Mahsun Kirmizigul, Gokhan Tepe, Rafet El Roman, Hande Yener Etc..

Many tracks and remixes of Dj Mali were played on radio. As well as being a good dj, MALI is also known as song writer. He wrote lyrics for various famous artists. MALI is already busy with some fresh vocal projects which will be released next year. All these skills, experience and knowledge brings him the attitude of a master. He has a lot of students from different styles of music, genre’s and countries.
DJ MALI KOCAY says; “music streams like blood in my body ever since I was born, without it I’m dead..”